Shelldance Orchid Gardens Shelldance Gardens is proud to be a Partner and Park Steward with the National Parks Service/Golden Gate National Recreation Area. We are located within the park boundary at Sweeney Ridge Trail Head, overlooking the majestic Pacific Ocean.

Sweeney Ridge and Mori point Shelldance Gardens, a Park Partner and Park Steward

In the early years of the 1980’s–Michael Rothenberg discovered that Caltrans had plans underway for an 8-lane freeway to be constructed, connecting the 380 freeway by the airport all the way over the ridgeline to Hwy 1, the onramp to level our greenhouses – yikes! Michael got busy, became active in the preservation of the unique habitat and open space that was in our backyard. – Shelldance hosted Environmental groups, had educational workshops and events to bring awareness to the public for this special habitat that needed to be protected for the benefit of a greater good Open space. Together the communities joined in the cause for preservation over development, In 1987 Sweeney Ridge was included in the GGNRA.

1989 --Hal Bohner and Michael Rothenberg formed a conservation group named “Pacifican’s for Mori Point”- working tirelessly through the legal system to hold developers accountable for the habitat destruction of the endangered San Francisco Garter Snake. These legal actions laid the groundwork for the Pacifica Land Trust and the Pacifica Environmental Family to acquire the property though public auction for the preservation of one of Pacifica’s major landmarks –

For nearly 20 years Pacificans fought to protect this unique coastal habitat, success came –

May 2002 The Trust for Public Land, the National Park Service, the Pacifica Land Trust, the City of Pacifica and the State Coastal Conservancy, with special honored guest Congressman Tom Lantos, celebrated the protection of Mori Point and its transfer from TPL to the National Park Service. Mori Point was now included in the GGNRA.

Shelldance continues to promote environmental awareness and provide connections to nature for the benefit of future generations and a greener, healthier globe.

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