Life Forms Stephen Johnson

Life Forms
by Stephen Johnson, A picture story of what plants do when they think no one is looking

In 2013- Nature photographer Stephen Johnson, was given a key to the Shelldance greenhouses, a photographic journey of documenting the secret life of exotic plants began! Making visits when he wanted – “capturing” the plants at moments when the light was just right to reflect minute details only the trained eye of the photographer (and hummingbirds) can realize.

The results of this patient study is; Life Forms, an exhibit of spectacular, in your minds-eye view of kaleidoscopic foliage, sexy flower petals cooing a sirens song and the serene meditation of plant growth in slow motion. The exhibition first opened in 2018, five years in the making!

Stephen Johnson is still adding to this body of work, as there are always unique moments in the life of a plant to see and share.

Check out;, and be ready to fall in love with a photogenic flower.